• Soy Nail Polish Remover
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Soy Nail Polish Remover

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Priti  NYC Soy Polish Remover is 100% Biodegradable.  It is non-toxic and not a carcinogenic.It is derived from farm crops . The remover is considered non-flammable and completely non-hazardous therefore has no freight or DOT restrictions. 2oz

INGREDIENTS: Methyl Soyate, is an alternative to chemical laden cleaners.[ it is derived from the soy bean oil.] Dimethyl Adipate  is a  non voc  low toxic  biodegradable specialty solvent and can be used as a paint remover It is also used in creams and lotions] Dimethyl Glutarate, 

.PRITI NYC Natural Polish Remover is totally natural and uses a carefully blended mix of natural ingredients that are kind on your nails and skin. It's perfect for you, your family and the planet.