• GoClean 180 Day Level 2
SaltyGirl Boutique

GoClean 180 Day Level 2

$ 55.00

Have you been thinking I really should clean out my bathroom cabinet and make up bag? Have you been thinking you really wanted to give a natural or organic product a chance?  But you're feeling overwhelmed because the cost of that change feels scary?  Or you are just not sure where to start??  If so…..Join SaltyGirl Boutique in the 180 day GO CLEAN Challenge. 

Level 2 includes full size products plus shipping each month for 6 months.

You will be charged $55 each month for 6 months.

A $500 value for $330

1st Month: BodyCare: Deodorant and Bodywash
2nd Month: Bodycare: Soap and Moisturizer 
3rd Month: Face care: Exfoliator and facewash
4th Month: Face care: Lipstick and Mascara 
5th Month: Haircare: Shampoo  and Conditioner
6th Month: Nail care: 3 Nail polishes  and polish remover

We will send a survey out to you to customize the monthly box to fit skin and color preferences!