Words of Wisdom by Tracey

When Leah and I started SaltyGirl we knew the focus was going to be organic and natural skincare but we also wanted to carry a few gift companies to round out the store.  Right off the bat we both knew we wanted to carry Becoming Jewelry.  Their pieces are so beautiful and inspirational......and for my family it was actually very personal!  
When I was first diagnosed with cancer my mom and dad bought me one of their necklaces from the "words of wisdom" line,  that said "Trust your heart".  There were many MANY days that I would stare into the mirror with my bald head not quite believing I was going through this---but seeing that necklace around my neck I knew I could fight it......funny how some things touch your heart.  
I am so pleased to carry a few favorites from the Becoming Jewelry at SaltyGirl!  And even more thankful that we call the Becoming family, our friends!  To get to know a little more about who Becoming Jewelry and their Founder Tracey Graves is she sat down and answered a few questions for us!

Becoming was started in 2007 as a hobby while staying home with my young twin daughters. As a self-taught jewelry designer I loved the challenge of figuring out how to create what was in my head, and as the ideas began to flow, it quickly became apparent that my crafting hobby could become a business.

In 2012 I began working full-time on the business. I launched my first wholesale line, and began working with shops around New England to create special pieces to serve as reminders of special places. Soon after, the business took another growth leap, and we opened our first shop and studio in Kennebunk, ME, while continuing to grow our wholesale line.

SGB: Mission behind the company, if there is one?
TG: My inspiration comes from a place of wanting to inspire and empower women in their personal growth, and to strengthen the bonds that we have to the people and places in our lives.
SGB: Any philosophies you want to share?
TG: I really believe in the importance of repetitive messaging in our lives. Sometimes is takes me time and time and time again from when I hear a message I connect with, to actually integrating it and making it a part of my life, and this is why I think small reminders like pieces of jewelry can hold a lot of power for many of us. 
SGB: What inspired you to take that leap from hobby to business?
TG: It really was a very gradual process for me. It never felt like there was a big moment of decision. It was just one little step after another that cumulatively led to big changes and growth. As my girls got older and more independent, more chunks of time gradually began to free up for me, and I just kept taking another step, and another.
SGB:  Plans for growth?
TG:  My focus right now is on continuing to improve our designs, our packaging, our messaging, to work more closely with our wholesale accounts, and to connect in even more meaningful ways
thank you Tracey for taking time in sharing with us!