What happened in our 1st year of business

It's our Birthday!

And today we kick off our first year of business!

In our first year of business we have LEARNED A LOT!  Some things that we should never do again but a lot of things that we loved---and along the way we have met so many amazing #SaltyGirls!  We love everyone that has joined our movement to #bebold #liveinspired and #ownit! Leah and I are so thankful for all of you!

In our first year of business we have:

  • hosted many events
  • wrote lots of blog posts
  • Launched a GoClean program for people to easily switch to cleaner beauty products
  • Spoke at our first conference @ Day of Wellness by WellSummit in Boston
  • opened up a store front
  • Shipped out LOTs and LOTs of orders
  • Gave back to 7 families battling a cancer diagnosis 
  • Launched an IndieGoGo for our Lipstick line
  • Made a ton of new friends through customers and partners we work with daily!  

To Celebrate our first AMAZINGLY AWESOME year in business we plan on celebrating all month long!  We invite you to join us and invite your friends if they don’t know about us!  (Remember you earn SaltyRewards when you refer a friend!)

All Month Long we will be celebrating with giveaways on Instagram, surprise promotions and your CHANCE TO WIN a StaySalty gift box of our favorite skin care, body care and hair care products!  Any order placed with SaltyGirl Boutique during the month of April will be entered to WIN—all you have to do is shop!