Vision Board Your Life

I remember in 7th grade getting my first college book and going through picking out which colleges I might go to someday. My parents bought me a Boston photography book for Christmas that year….that book was my vision board for many years! I was 12 then and college was still many years away but I was excited and loved dreaming about what my future might hold.

After I went to college and into my 20’s and 30’s, life just started happening. And although I still had dreams I didn’t know how to visualize them like I did as a 12 year old with my big book of Boston. I think this is normal for most adults. If we do not plan our life and envision what we want in it, life will do the planning for us.

This is why we make dream/vision boards, and set goals: so that we are in control and can visualize our dreams and how we envision our life to be. Align your passion and purpose with your vision, and you shall make your dreams come true. I found this quote that I love…….”Little girls with dreams become women with vision” LOVE!!!!

I create the life I want.

Here are a few tips in creating your own vision board

Sit and meditateon the purpose of your board. Visualize it in the quiet of your mind
Go through magazines and cut out words, pictures, anything that might be a good fit for your theme.
Organize, glue, create!
Keep your Vision Board where you can see it every day, ideally first thing in the morning. Show a friend your board and explain what it means to you. By saying it out loud, you further reinforce the stickiness of your thoughts to keep them from being distracted. Celebrate as you manifest your intentions one by one and make time when necessary to create another board for yourself.

Happy manifesting! Love yourself, love your day, love your life!
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