Violets Are Blue....A Job Well Done


One of the things Sarah and I take pride in when it comes to SaltyGirl Boutique is the uniqueness of the brands we carry. Call me what you want, but I get super excited and proud when I hear about the makers of these brands and their success stories. Last month I highlighted Barbara Jacqs, Founder of Jacqs Organics. She is a pretty amazing woman and has a story that I bet more women we think, relate too.


I thought it would be appropriate to highlight another woman who I am very excited to meet at W.E.L.L. Summit in New York City this year. Her name is Cynthia Besteman and she is the founder of Violets are Blue. It’s impressive the array of USA made products that are available to us now that are safe, non toxic and effective!! The demand of these clean beauty products are higher than before and I feel like every week I read about another brand that is going above and beyond to share their passion in both health and wellness. Cynthia did just that. After a diagnosis of Breast Cancer she discovered a new way of living that was just as exciting, but more rewarding at the end of the day. That reward was knowing she was putting her body first and taking care of it the best way she knew how. She created something right, because when you’re featured in Well and Good and Allure Magazine you know you are doing something correct!!! Congratulations to Cynthia and her team for being one of the "6 coolest indie beauty brands to watch out for" as well as "one of the five incredible finds from the Indie Beauty Expo."


All of her products are lovely, but the one I keep going back to is her facial serum which I use as my moisturizer. Used for all skin types, this serum is packed with Evening Primrose, Argan, Rosehip Oil, jojoba, carrot seed oil and Lavender. It helps with redness and leaves my skin with that oh-so-clean dewy feel. Next on my checklist is her Smoothing Clay Mask. This age-fighting, powdered blend, activated with water in use, absorbs impurities without upsetting the natural balance of facial skin. It incorporates Powdered Coconut for softness, Rock Rose to combat wrinkles, and White Clay to stimulate circulation. Looking for a hydrating cleanser and a deodorant that smells of lemongrass and tea tree???? Read up on her Facial Cleanser and Lemongrass and Tea Tree Deodorant…. Happy Shopping!!!!