Using the Right Makeup Brushes

1. Use the right brush with the right product. Obvious, right? You’d be surprised at how many women try to wing it with wrong makeup brushes  There’s a reason different brushes exist, using the right tools will help you get that flawless look.
2. For a smooth and even application, tap or blot the brush after dipping it into makeup. It will shake off excess product and help you apply like a pro. Too much product can create blotchy spots.
3. To improve wear and stay, apply makeup in layers. Think of it like coats of paint. Thin layers will blend together and create a more unified look.
4. Extend the life of your brushes by cleaning them with mild soap and water. A great facial soap and soap you can use to wash your brushes is the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser.   Brush cleaners can be harsh and destroy the integrity of the bristles. After cleaning your brushes, don’t stand them up, lay them flat so that the excess water can drain and doesn’t remain in the ferule.

5. And finally, Go cruelty free. With the latest technology, the design and quality of synthetic bristles have come to match and even surpass the quality of animal hair. And knowing that no animals were used for the sake of your beauty will just make you feel that much more beautiful.

6. Have fun! Makeup is supposed to be fun.