The Gift of Giving --- Why We Do What We Do...

SaltyGirl Boutique is not just a Boutique selling beauty products. We are a Boutique that stands behind a mission of educating and bringing awareness to the importance of Health and Wellness…BUT the greatest gift (and I think what keeps us energized as entrepreneurs) is our gift of #Giving. Foundation4Love is our non-profit that gives to adults in our community who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.


On June 11th, we were lucky enough to host out first fundraiser for Foundation4Love.  Thanks to our community and SaltyGirl Boutique, we were able to give back to our first recipient, Diane, on July 13th. Diane’s story was introduced to us by her daughter, Angela. When we received Angela’s email, Sarah and I instantly knew we wanted to bring a little happiness and joy into their lives. Our goal with Foundation4Love is to provide a relaxed, non-stressful, but most of all, FUN day for families experiencing a difficult time.  After talking with Angela and meeting her at Starbucks one Sunday morning, Sarah and I put together an itinerary for them where they were able to disconnect from Diane’s diagnosis and instead enjoy a mother/daughter night away. Diane and Angela’s day started with massages at Rivers Edge Spa and Salon in Kennebunk where they were pampered and spoiled by Danielle’s (owner) incredible Spa team. From there, they checked in to The Boathouse Waterfront Hotel, and then dinner at Davids KPT restaurant to end the night. Cant forget the flowers, champagne and matching Mother/Daughter Necklace from Becoming Jewelry upon arriving at the hotel!!! Thank god the weather was beautiful for them to squeeze in a little Kennebunkport Shopping!


I think we have all heard the saying, “it takes a village.” Well….it sure does! Since starting SaltyGirl Boutique and Foundation4Love, Sarah and I are beyond thankful for the community we live in. The local businesses that we have worked with thus far have showed immense love and support for Foundation4Love. I want to say a special thank you to Colleen from Kennebunkport Resort Collection, Danielle and Kelsey from Rivers Edge Spa and Salon and Angie from Becoming Jewelry. Your contribution imprinted a memory for the two of them that I hope they’ll look back at and smile on.


What makes this all worthwhile in the end is the feedback we received from Angela and Diane. Angela emailed me the day after, sharing her and her mom’s thoughts of their night out, but what made my day was when Angela said,

            “verbatim from my mom, ‘this is turning out to be the best summer of my           life.’”


Thank you, Diane for becoming our first Foundation4Love recipient!


Have a loved one or friend that you think should be our next pick for Foundation4Love? Sarah and I would love to hear their story! Please email us at


Sarah and I would also like to give a BIG thank you to Rivers Edge Spa and Salon for reaching out to Foundation4Love and partnering with our foundation. We are so excited for our future recipients to be able to continue receiving the love, support and PAMPERING you provided Diane and Angela. We can't wait to see what the future holds in store for Foundation4Love.