Sleeping Beauty Queen

Lets be honest, when a woman says "I need my beauty sleep" what she really means is "I want a god damn good sleep!!!!" Your ritual before going to bed is actually more important than you think and you're actually shortchanging your health if you haven't adopted specific bedtime habits that allow you to fall into a deep and restful sleep. Think about it, I hear many women say I love getting my early morning run in because it sets me up to have a great day or waking up earlier than the kids to get those peaceful moments to yourself before the crazy begins. So why do we put it in our schedule to have a great day, but then forget to set up those rituals to have a great night?

 “Trouble falling and staying asleep can set you up for chronic fatigue, mood and memory issues, a slower metabolism, even reduced immune-system functioning,” says Lisa Medalie, PsyD, a behavioral sleep medicine specialist at the University of Chicago.

Here are some great ways SaltyGirl Boutique can help you find that Calm you are looking for before shutting your eyes.

PeaceFull Body Butter by Organic Bath : Lather your chest, neck and arms with this soothing and calming body butter made with dreamy Lavender Essential Oil to transport the mind to a state of relaxation. 

Facial Serum by Violets are Blue : After cleansing your face, massage just a few drops to whole face, jawline, and neck. Ingredients such as Evening Primrose, Rosehip Oil and Lavender make this serum a must.

Peace & Quiet Candle by Steady Light Candle Co : No definition needed for this one :) 

Orange Chocolate Lip Buttah by SplurgeSkincare : Who wouldn't want a little dessert on their lips all while hydrating them as well. This lip buttah is creamy, long lasting and perfect for moisturizing before bedtime!

Eye Repair Serum by KPSEssentials : Trying to shake that puffiness and those dark circles around your eyes? Try this amazing Antioxidant Eye Repair Serum that will help revitalize the delicate skin around your eyes and eyelids to improve the tone and texture for younger-looking eyes.

Thoughtfully Magazine : Clear your mind with this well written, curated magazine with articles that will fill your heart with love and inspiration. Available to purchase online and at our store!!!


NIghty Night!!