Q&A with the Founders of Meow Meow Tweet

I have the pleasure to get to know the faces behind the brands that we carry and sell at SaltyGirl Boutique.  Meow Meow Tweet is a brand I just love!  They are a caring, compassionate and creative company---and these values shine through in a recent Q&A I had with founders Tara and Jeff.  We are happy to be able to share more about who they are and what they stand for so you feel good about the brands you wear!

My favorite Meow Meow Tweet product is the Baking Soda Free Grapefruit Deodorant Cream.  If you haven't given there natural deodorant a chance--CHECK IT OUT!  Comes in both a Cream and Stick.  

SGB: How did you get started? How did you come up with the name Meow Meow Tweet?
Meow Meow Tweet was conceived in 2009 as a social art project.  It evolved into a small business where we could focus our interest in homesteading and love of animals and plants. Our business is named after our two cats and Jeff’s bird who lives with his mom in Hawaii.  We wanted a name that could represent our quirky, sassy and fun attitudes! Tara was a restaurant cook before we started MMT and she is also a certified aromatherapist and studies herbalism. This unique background means that she formulates like a chef but with a deep knowledge of what plants actually do! We both love gardening, and initially our plan was to expand our window garden in our tiny Brooklyn apartment to supply us with all the herbs we needed to run Meow Meow Tweet.  We quickly realized that we didn’t have enough pots or windows to make this happen, but today we do have a sizable houseplant collection!  
SGB: What are your values and mission behind Meow Meow Tweet?
MMMT: We want to make products that are accessible to all types of people but have healthy ingredient lists and ethical sources.

SGB: Where do you guys see the future of Meow Meow Tweet?

MMT: It would be great if Meow Meow Tweet became a household name for healthy, vegan, personal care products. 

SGB: What do you love most about owning your own company?

Jeff: Drawing cats!  

Tara: Creating the work environment that I like and interacting with people all over the world!

SGB: Do you personally own cats? 

MMT: We don’t own any cats but we live with two :) Chester & Mochi! 

SGB: If you could send one message to your potential customer what would it be?

MMT: Be compassionate and kind in your choices! 

SGB: If you could send one message to your dedicated customer what would it be?

MMT: Teach your friends and family about making better choices for their bodies and the environment!