Planning a vacation?

March came too fast, but there's no complaining on our end. My husband and I are going to Hawaii and Sarah and her family are taking their first trip to Disney World with the kiddos (going opposite weeks so don't fret, the store will still be open!!) What about you? Taking a vacation and wondering what essentials to pack? If so, let SaltyGirl Boutique help you out!

My goal is to pack light because whats to do in Hawaii, but simply enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the sun. Keeping my skin hydrated and wearing little to probably no makeup is what I'll be doing, but there are still those must haves that I'll be packing. They go as followed....

SaltyGirl Soap Bar will be my face cleanser for the week. (my current cleanser is over 3oz which is no bueno for when you're trying to bring only a carry on). This salt bar soap is made with sea salt which will help exfoliate while the organic coconut oil and organic olive oil will help moisturize!! (Also Lemongrass Ginger available)

My Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30 is a MUST. There's no such thing as applying too much SPF when you're a fair, freckled redhead like myself (and sister).

Gots to have the lipstick!!!! I'm loving the sunkissed look after a beach day when your skin is naked except that hot damn red lipstick. Ladies --Remember to use your lips as an accessory!!!!!

Stinky pits is not an option for this girl. Definitely representing Meow Meow Tweet for my all natural deodorant. I can't use the baking soda due to a sensitivity, so I stick with the baking soda free grapefruit, but there are many other options available!!! 

Can't wait to get to my local nail salon and bring along my 5 free nail polish....Zodiac Dahlia by PritiNYC is the way to go when you're going to a tropical Island. And, YES -- Most nail salons are okay with you bringing in your own nail polish!!!

Last, but not least, packing my Coconut Citrus Scrub by Indie Lee. After long days at the beach there's nothing better, but a good scrub down before a romantic dinner out with my Hubs.

Oh yes -- Can't forget my cute mini crossover purse from Baggu...small enough to put the essential accessories such as my phone, debit card and lipstick!!!! For the beach, trying using the Everything Baggu Bags....strong and sturdy enough to hold your towel, a good book to read and of course your suntan lotion!!

Who else is getting ready for a vacation?!

Much love,