My Multi-Tasking FAIL

I was at the post office earlier today, shipping out packages. I had been a busy morning--getting the kids off to daycare, cleaning, preparing for the week,checking email, packing and getting myself out the door since I am traveling for the next 3 days for my "day job". While at the post office, I got to the counter gave the postman my package and continued to write out a text, as I spend all days multi-tasking. I didn't realize he was waiting for me to get off my phone to proceed. I looked up and he asked if I was all done with my text. I have never felt so rude or so embarrassed. I was that person, that person I despise! I proceeded to apologize profusely and then got into my car and immediately tears started streaming.

I am working full time, working hard at building SaltyGirl, raising two kids and trying to be a functioning adult enjoying life. And some days it is HARD! Today was a day that humbled me, it was also a reminder to BREATHE. So if you are a woman or man trying to juggle it all---PLEASE remember to breathe! Remember to give yourself a break. There will be days with tears but hopefully more days with Laughter!