Making steps to GoClean

When people first decide they want to start making changes in the products they are using, the challenge to switch out skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare, the idea of making this switch can be overwhelming!  

But we are here to help make that switch easier!

First off we have a great 6 month program were  you can sign up and each month we focus on a different product.  

Level 1: $25 per month (includes shipping)

1st Month: Body Care: Deodorant 
2nd Month: Body Care: Body wash
3rd Month: Face care: Face wash
4th Month: Face care: Lipstick 
5th Month: Haircare: Shampoo  
6th Month: Nail care: 2 Nail polishes  

Level 2: $55 per month (includes shipping)

First Month: BodyCare: Deodorant and Bodywash
Second Month: Bodycare: Soap and Moisturizer 
Third Month: Face care: Exfoliator and facewash
Fourth Month: Face care: Lipstick and Mascara 
Sixth Month: Haircare: Shampoo  and Conditioner
Seventh Month: Nail care: 3 Nail polishes  and polish remover

If you decide to make the changes at your own pace and aren't sure where to start first here are my recommendations:

Start with a deodorant---you shave and then minutes later are layering on deodorant that is seeping into sensitive freshly shaved skin.  

Next I usually go from what I am putting on most of by body and what I am putting on sensitive areas

  • Soap or Bodywash
  • Body Lotion
  • Haircare
  • Eye Make up/Lipstick

At the end of the day make steps that feel comfortable for you!  And if you ever EVER have any questions--just email us at or we are here to help you make decisions you are excited about!