Balanced Wellness. Lets talk FOOD.

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants," - Michael Pollans

Our event last week we held with Dr. Meghan Schoening got my wheels turning. I have always LOVED eating. In fact I wake up thinking about what I'm going to have for dinner that night. My mom tells this story about me when I was little and she would put me down for a nap, I would wake up to the crinkling of her trying to quietly open up graham crackers and yell to her (from my crib)...."Mom, what are you eating?!!!!!!" She could never get away with me not finding out what she was about to eat....(yes, I was THAT child).

In my 20's I started to really pay attention to my diet....I went to the extremes of going on actual fad diets to then stopping cold turkey, leaving me with disappointing results. I did 3 marathons in my 20's and subconsciously ate whatever I wanted because of the calories I burned. Well that didn't help when training stopped because my mind was still telling me to eat the same. Then my 30's hit. I'm still running, but not the mileage I used to do and I don't find the same results I used to with running (however it will always remain my cheap therapy). I feel like my metabolism has slowed a bit and paying attention to my whole well being is that much more important to me now.

Being an Oncology nurse, I see lots of my patients turning to whole foods as part of their treatment plan. I applaud them. There's so many studies out there linking certain foods  to major health issues down the road. I'm at a point in my life that, yes I want to be comfortable in my own skin, but I want to be HEALTHY. I want to become more creative with my foods. I want to shop more local and seasonally. I want to UNDERSTAND why I should be staying away from certain food groups. With that said you're probably wondering why the hell I used the picture of me eating a lobster roll for this blog post....Well I'm a Mainah and will ALWAYS enjoy a good lobstah roll. It's all about BALANCE, NOT about total restriction.

Dr. Meghan explained all of this in jargon that you and I could understand which was easy for me to remember and start teaching to others. Here are some key points I took away Wednesday night...

-Obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other chronic illnesses are at an all time high due to our lifestyle choices and most importantly our diet.
-In our food market (mostly the processed food market) we cut fat out of the foods because we thought the fat was causing the obesity. The companies needed the food to still taste good and replaced the fat with sugar. This change did nothing but increase the obesity epidemic at a faster rate and cause more chronic diseases.
-A well balanced diet is only complete with ample fat as well. That is good quality fats from whole food sources like olives, nuts/seeds, and coconuts. Good fats help our body with satiety during meals, help us carry our important processes such as making hormones and transporting vitamins around the body.
-Some tribes in places like Africa and New Zealand have some of the lowest incidence of heart disease and have a diet that consists >60% saturated fat. This helps us understand that saturated fat from whole foods cannot be a primary playing in heart disease.
-Grass fed beef and pasture raised chickens are good sources of omega 3.
-Megahn's #1 rule is eat like your grandparents. If a food wasn't around in that form what your grandparents were kids then stay clear of it.
Dr. Meghan who works as a chiropractor and owns her own nutrition company called Balanced Nutrition is available for guidance and support. Her nationwide 21 Day Detox program is built on a platform of eating balanced whole foods. Our event was a success and we will be hosting Dr. Meghan again so please stay tuned to our next event.
Eat well,