We are all magnificent

Sometimes you meet someone and you think---I needed that today!  Yesterday was one of those moments.  I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by the Incredible Gianne and team @ Organic Bath Co/WELL Summitt!  This amazing event, a tea time chat in Beacon Hill, was a conversation between Sara Divello (Yogi and author of Where in the Om am I) and Gabby Bernstein NY times best selling Author, life coach, motivational speaker--her newest book just released The Universe has Your Back.

Gabby said many things yesterday that resonated with me, especially as Leah and I continue to build our brand and mission.  One thing she asked the group was "Do you have a transformational story to share and how does it heal"......she continued with, "we all have our own life cred, go out there and own it!"  This being October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that sentence really hit home.  

It has been almost a year since I finished my cancer treatment.  It has been a little over a year since I was "declared" cancer free.  It has been over a hear and a half since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As time ticks I continue to move further away from that awful day in March 2015 when I was diagnosed with cancer.  At the same time I feel honored to be part of an amazing group of woman part of a club, part of a team of warriors and survivors.  I am a breast cancer survivor!  I am a CANCER survivor.

With my diagnosis, we were inspired to create SaltyGirl Boutique---an opportunity for Leah and I to share natural and organic skincare products, products that do not include all of the chemicals and toxins that I believe contributes to the increase in sickness and cancer that is so prevalent.  And also an opportunity for Leah and I to give back to our community through our Foundation4Love!  I wouldn't be were I was if I didn't have my story, my life cred!  And for that I feel very lucky! One last thing Gabby Bernsten said that we should all remember and take into each day is "we are all magnificent"  

To honor, celebrate and educate around breast cancer awareness:

  • October 8th, Saturday: Our first Conversations with the Creator with Cynthia Besteman--founder of Violets are Blue and breast cancer survivor
  • October 18th, Tuesday at 7:30 pm EST Free Webinar: Why we should go natural:  Making small changes for the biggest impacts.  Register Here
  • October 27th, Thursday 3-6 pm EST, our second Conversations with the Creator Series with Tara Pelletier founder of Meow Meow Tweet