Launching our IndieGoGo: SaltyGirl Lips are super duper, over the moon excited to share the video Leah and I created for our Indie Go Go Campaign!  We have been working really hard to make sure we were working with the right lab to manufacture our lipstick line!  Making sure they sourced the ingredients we could feel proud of but at a price point that people could afford.

During this time of year Leah and I have in the past done some sort of charity run or ride---this year we are asking you to donate to our IndieGoGo.....although it is to help build our business it will also allow us to give more to our Foundation4Love which gives back to those going through cancer!  To learn more about our Foundation

So the more we grow our business the more people we get to help!

Please take a moment to watch out video! :)

And thank you in advance to Donating, Sharing and Supporting Leah and I on our mission to share, educate and spread of love of Clean Beauty!  

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