Do you know someone with Cancer?

We often get questions from customers that they have a friend or family member going through cancer treatment.  They want to get something nice to help but aren't sure what to get.

Not everyone has the same experience but I can share how I felt and what helped me and what others I have met on this journey have shared.  Skin can get dry, and uncomfortable when going through chemo and then radiation.  You want something nourishing that soothes the skin.  

Here are a few of my go to suggestions:

Body Cream by Violets are Blue.  Cynthia Besteman, founder and owner of Violets are Blue is a breast cancer survivor herself, so her body care and skin care products are all nourishing and very gentle.


Stress Less Body Oil by Organic Bath.  This body oil is wonderful with an aroma of lavender, it is the perfect moisturizer and stress reliever all in one bottle!  

Melted Buttah by Skin Splurge.  When you are going through chemo your nails can become very brittle and even fall off.  Soaking fingers is best but keeping them moisturized is key too.  This Melted Buttah is the perfect cream for cuticles and other super dry spots!

Wrap up any of these suggestions with one of our Candles by Steady Light Candle Co (Formerly Vessel & Co) or Necklace with an uplifting saying from Becoming Jewelry and you have the best care package!