Just when you thought you couldn't get any SALTIER...

Getting off the plane and smelling the sweet, lush Hawaiin air (seriously, though) I knew that this would be a a place to remember. My husband, Greg and I fell in love with Caribbean 5 years ago and have made that our vacation spot every spring, but for those who are trying to plan for a kid the Zika demons come out anytime you even try to search for a Caribbean destination. So...we decided to go big or go home and Hawaii was chosen! A dream of Greg's since he enjoys surfing and mine as I'm a foodie, I knew we would fit right in.

I told Greg that I wanted to do something on this trip that takes me out of my comfort zone. He laughed (a little of an eye roll as well) and asked what I had in mind. I had no idea. The second day we hiked Kealia Trail overlooking the North Shore we had a great view of the sky divers as we walked along the switchbacks of the trail.

Greg reminded me of my previous comment and in a joking manner said "I bet you won't sky dive!" -- (a humor we use to push each others buttons). For those of you who know me you understand that by telling me I CAN'T do something will push me to do it!

That night, a reservation was made. deposit was sent. I was going Sky Diving on my last day in Hawaii. And Greg was speechless.

The food here is AHHMAZING. People warned Greg and I on the amount of money we were going to spend because of the island prices, however the food trucks and farmers markets are delightful and SO worth the experience than the restaurant life (my opinion, of course). The Ahi and Poke.....hands down the BEST. The shaved ice at Matsumoto Shave Ice (I had the traditional Rainbow) was a perfect way to end a hot beach day. It also brought me back to my kid days and vacationing at York Beach. Stortos - delightful sandwiches made with sweet homemade Papaya sauce pairing it with Maui onion chips. The BEER....the list is too long :) Sipping out of fresh Coconuts and Pineapples (yes, that was on my to do list) and ending the day with Fried bananas or Lumpia (island term) made all my dreams come true.

 One of my highlights was meeting up with my friend Emily from college. She's one of those friends you can go years and not talk to, but then reconnect and pick back up exactly where you left off. Snorkeling at Sharks Cove was on the agenda for the day. It was like snorkeling in an aquarium...beautiful, colorful fish and oh yes don't forget the waves!!!! It reminded me of Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World when you were in the title pool and all of a sudden the steam ship on top of the fake mountain start blaring and a huge title wave comes out of nowhere. That's exactly what happened to me with no whistle blaring. Greg starts yelling at me to dig my feet in the ground, but instead of listening to him I try to grab ahold of nearby reef and I'm sure you can guess what happens next.....REEF RASH aka bruises and scratches all over my body!!             

And then with the snap of a finger the last day has come. And when I thought I could be as "Salty" as I could, I decide to do something even "Saltier" (for those of you who are new to SaltyGirl Boutique please refer to my previous blog about what it means to be a SaltyGirl).  I pushed myself and did something I totally was not comfortable with and never thought I would ever do plus a little scary. (There's reason why I didn't mention this to my parents before actually doing it). THANK YOU to SkyDive Hawaii for making my first tandum experience the most badass thing that I have ever done thus far in my 31 years of living. Rick was my instructor, a stranger who I put 100% trust in and jumped out of plane with over the Pacific Ocean. 

Peace and Love and MAHALO, Hawaii!!!! I'll see you again someday.