Introducing Aisling Organic Cosmetics at SaltyGirl Boutique this Saturday!!!

I hope to see you ladies at SaltyGirl Boutique this Saturday while we host Krysta Lewis from Aisling Organic Cosmetics. Krysta will be showcasing and sharing her beautiful makeup line she designed and created herself. Come enjoy FREE mini makeovers PLUS color consultation from the expert herself. Like Sarah and I, Krysta wants to provide you an experience, not just a one stop shop for your clean beauty needs.

Aisling Organic Cosmetics all began when Krysta had been suffering from major stomach problems for years and was making efforts to heal her own body through eating organic and proper exercise, yet had no results. She finally discovered the third critical factor that was impacting her health...the makeup she was smothering all over her face. This is when her journey began. After hours of research, she discovered a major problem in the United States. Females of all ages, including babies, were suffering from medical issues, such as hormonal problems, toxic amounts of heavy metals in their blood, birth defects, breast cancer and more, all being linked to the cosmetics they were using. Due to the fact the FDA doesn't regulate cosmetics and that many beauty companies hide the chemicals in their products well, people are not as aware as they should be as to what they are putting on their skin. Lewis being a big beauty product fan knew she couldn't continue using the toxic cosmetics she had. Soon finding that there were not many options available for high-performance organic makeup, she began on a mission to offer cosmetics to the world that are safe, offer health benefits and ultimately ones that people can trust and BELIEVE IN!

Bring your mom, girlfriends, sisters and daughters and come hang with the SaltyGirls and Krysta. If you have been to any of our other events you know that cocktails and food will also be provided...what's a girls day out without that?? Come and go as you please. Doors open at SaltyGirl at 11am and Krysta will be available for makeovers from 1-4:30pm. For more information or to RSVP visit our Event Page on Facebook.


Peace and Love-

The SaltyGirls