Ingredients I Love!!

Don’t get me wrong…ditching your toxic makeup and face washing ritual to replace it with safe ingredients can be pretty overwhelming, and yup…. pricey. But, don't think you have to do it ALL at once!! It took me almost 7 months to replace all my makeup, body, and skincare products. I got ride of one item at a time, or shall we say, one each paycheck. Since opening SaltyGirl Boutique, people ask me, “what’s your morning ritual for washing your face?” I am in LOVE with Indie Lee’s products at the moment, but don’t think I use ONLY that line….Soapwalla is also a favorite of mine!

Every morning, this is how it goes….

Rosehip Cleanser
COQ-10 Toner
Calendula Eye Balm
Squalane Facial Cream
Let me tell you about the little perks from these ingredients…

Rosehip – This oil comes from the remaining fruit once the rose has lost its petals. It contains Vitamin E, an anti-inflammatory, and Vitamin C, a skin brightening and anti-aging antioxidant. Can't forget the omegas, which help to regenerate skin damage.

COQ-10 – This comes after my cleanser, and I love it! Toners help balance your skin's PH, which helps restore your skin to what it was like before you washed it. COQ-10 is a substance similar to a vitamin, but also acts as an antioxidant which can protect the body from harmful molecules. This toner has natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid that leave your skin hydrated and refreshed!

Squalane – Rich in olive-derived oil and hyaluronic acid, this cream is known for improving cellular function, minimizing poor size, and helps even out my complexion! My skin looks plump, dewy, and hydrated after applying.

Calendula – Calendula is derived from a flower and has been known to reduce pain and swelling. This beauty of a cream reduces dark circles and increases skin elasticity.

SO there you have it. My beauty ritual….who would have thought washing your face could be so WORTH it.

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