How to Let Go of Your Crazy and Find Calm

Not sure about any of you but I try so hard to be calm. I try not to get overwhelmed by life BUT sometimes crazy finds its way into your life.  Like many of you I am a Mom…… there is that, and that alone could be a full time gig! Then Leah and I work our full time gigs and of course are working hard to someday make SaltyGirl our full time gig!  In the next week SaltyGirl Boutique opens up our own shop and Leah and I are also working on our own line of Bath products so we have a few things going on.  All amazing and fun.  And I get so much happiness and love from what I am doing with SaltyGirl, but last night Crazy found its way into my house!

I picked up the kids at 4:30 we came home to start making dinner.  We also had to pack because my husband and I are headed to NYC to visit his brother and sister in law for the weekend.  (kids are staying with my inlaws).  So I have two excited toddlers running around, trying to make dinner, clean up and pack for the weekend, with the intention to leave by 7pm (mind you my husband doesn’t get home from work till 6:30pm) 

Someone was testing me to keep my cool, be calm, don’t get overwhelmed.  Here are some of my tips to help stay balanced and calm in a stressful situation.

Immediate relievers

  • Walk in the other room and take deep breathes.  Last night as the circus ensued I had to walk into the other room and close my eyes and take 6 deep breathes.  I just whisper……”this too shall pass!  No one is hurt or dying we will get through this hour!”  Someone peeking into my house may have thought crazy lived here but this 25 second time out helped me compose myself and continue on
  • Visualize the goal. Yesterday overall was a crazy day with my evening being the cherry on top.  So throughout the day Leah and I kept reminding each other the overall goal.  Sometimes when you are deep in a project, the detail can blind us from what the vision or goal is.  The other thing I visualized was a weekend in NYC with my husband having fun and visiting with two of my favorites! 
  • This is so important.  Yesterday both Leah and I had to get clarification on our goals and vision as they were starting to differ a bit and we needed to realign on what our goals were!  And then when my husband came home, he could see I was upset so instead of letting my stress takeover and ruin the night I told him when we have weekend plans we need to communicate better on how we can help each other…….thankfully in both instances we were able to talk out the situation.

As woman we often try to solve all the problems, say yes to too many things and be a solution for everyone!  Don’t forget to take those deep breathes, communicate what you need in order to be successful and visualize what you want your day, weekend, and life to look like! 

Stay Salty my friends