Healthy Ingredients and High Performance for Hair

We are so excited to introduce EVOLVh haircare products to SaltyGirl Boutique.  EVOLVh is made in California with simple, natural ingredients for luxurious results that you can see and feel. SaltyGirl Boutique is all about selecting companies that focus on clean, non-toxic ingredients that don't compromise on high performance!   Trust us – EVOLVh is an incredible hair line and the products even smell amazing!  

There are other major benefits besides the fact that we finally found organic hair products that smell great: EVOLVh is one of the few that works well on ALL hair types – whether your hair is stick-straight, unruly curly or processed with color treated hair.

But what we really love is that EVOLVh products work better over time, meaning that you experience the best part of the benefits as you continue to use the products. EVOLVh is also particularly great for anti-aging, curls, color-treated hair and/or dry hair:

Our suggest product selection:


UltraShine Shampoo: Works wonders on all hair types by balancing the hair's pH level to leave it strong & silky. From fine to flat to course to curly to colored hair. This is the ultimate shampoo.



UltraShine Conditioner: Detangles, adds shine, and reduces frizz by nourishing hair from the inside out. Turn straw into silk, prevent breakage and stop split ends.


SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner: Softens, protects, and fortifies weak hair to prevent future breakage. Apply to wet OR dry hair for fresh, lively hair.



Ultimate Styling Lotion: This universal lotion does it all! Volume, hold, shine, de-frizz, curls. This is the insanely versatile product that takes you from day to night, from the beach to the office, and everywhere in between.