Giving back every time you shop

Did you know you are giving back every time you purchase something from SaltyGirl Boutique?  We are a shop on a mission!  A mission to educate, create community (to those both near and far).  And most importantly to give back to our community!  When Leah and I started SaltyGirl we also created a non profit called Foundation4Love!  So every purchase you make at SaltyGirl, a % goes into Foundation4Love---which in turn gives back to a person going through cancer treatment.  We work to create a special day, that means different things to different people but some of the things we have done, include a family photo shoot, spa day, overnight by the water, dinner out, whole foods gift card……point being we are here to work with you to create an experience needed by your family member or friend!

So next time you are looking for a special gift or a new deodorant remember the ladies at SaltyGirl Boutique and how your purchase helps the community!  And more importantly if you know someone going through cancer treatment that needs a special day email us at  We are small but we do our best to work with the requests we get!  


For all our local friends!  Come visit us between 1-4:30 for mini make overs plus color consultations with CEO Krysta Lewis from Aisling Organic Cosmetics!