Dry Skin? Get the best summer skin of your life!

The new Vital Balm by Josh Rosebrook is truly unique and innovative and has been described by many as a "Balm-Cream,".  And if you search for reviews you will see the raving reviews for these new products.

Designed to pair with the Hydrating Accelerator Toner, this new creation causes the skin to retain hydration levels like NEVER experienced before!  And the reasons why are not only the specific herbal synergy and potent plant oils designed to calm and assist skin regeneration, but special plant seeds that are clinically proven to assist skin cells in locking in more hydration than hyaluronic acid! 

ADD in the NEW Advanced Hydration Mask to Hydrate, plump, soften, brighten!  YES PLEASE!!! True hydrating mask treatments do more than just replenish hydration. Water is the foundation of every cell in the skin. An effective, hydrating treatment helps restore total skin function by restoring circulation of nutrients, proper barrier function, balanced oil production and healthy skin cell turnover. Once hydration is restored through nutrient structured water, aloe juice or hydrosols we must assist the skin to maximize water retention and trap the delivered moisture in skin effectively. Specific herbs that support hydration and the botanical mimic to Hyaluronic Acid in the AHM work to support the skin cells in holding more water, while moisturizers and occlusive agents seal in this hydration creating an effective barrier.  The Advanced Hydration Mask, contains a high percentage of this natural hyaluronic acid mimic, which also functions as a powerful anti-inflammatory and a treatment for acne and has been studied to be more effective than man-made hyaluronic acid. Masking with a concentrated treatment like the AHM for a period of time is extremely effective at treating all skin issues and accelerates the skin’s ability to hold moisture for improved skin health and a brighter, fuller complexion.

Information sourced from Josh Rosebrook blog and social media posts!