Conversations with Cynthia Besteman, Founder of Violets are Blue

Violets Are Blue is a brand that not only has an array of choices from clean skincare to bodycare products, but most importantly each product is made and packaged with an abundant amount of love from founder, Cynthia Besteman. Have you met her? Well, if you haven't, venture to NYC and look for a tall, blonde beauty with an infectious smile.  

Cynthia will forever be a friend to Sarah and I. She was that person my sister could connect with as they both have experienced a breast cancer diagnosis and for both Sarah and I, Cynthia is that woman that is REAL no matter where she is. I appreciate that about her. Last year, Cynthia, Sarah and I were able to go out and get a glass of wine and (many) glasses later the three of us were belly laughing, ordering our third round of appetizers and talking about things that didn't even pertain to Violets Are Blue or SaltyGirl Boutique which is actually sometimes nice for a change.

For those of you who don't know, Cynthia is a true advocate for helping others. She has developed a line specifically for women dealing with cancer and has partnered with Mt Sinai's Dubin Breast Center. By giving back, each woman is presented with a gift of products from her Violets Are Blue Beloved line on their first day of treatment.

Recently we were able to do a Q&A with Cynthia and here are some things she said

SGB: Tell us a little more about your future vision?

VRB: I Would love to see more hospital programs set up. Right now we work solely with The Dubin Breast Center in NYC (which is where I was treated) Our donations are supported by products sales, so once those are fully covered by VRB revenue, then I can move on to creating a donation program at another Breast Cancer Center, so the more our sales grow, the more hospitals we can donate to!
We have launched globally this year with stores in Hong Kong and Canada, but I would love to see VRB grow throughout Europe and places like Australia and Japan. These are places that are very Green Beauty forward and I feel our products would do really well there.

SGB: How have you seen yourself grow these past couple of years?

VRB: This past year has been our biggest growth year since launching at the end of 2013. We were approached by Anthropologie and launched online in December with store launches happening in March. They are starting to be Green Brand forward and it has been a great partnership. I would love to be involved in other large stores who are opening up to Green Beauty as I feel that it is where the industry is headed.

SGB: You talk about being in large stores, so what do you love about SaltyGirl Boutique? 

VRB: it is places like SaltyGirl Boutique that have really helped us reach so many women who are looking to change to better options. Boutiques like SaltyGirl first gave us a chance when we first opened to wholesale and we have been growing together which is so exciting. I love hearing how well the boutique stores are doing as these stores have loyal clients and are very brand loyal. I love the relationships I have developed with boutique owners and us knowing each other's stories is what helps us both grow.

SGB: Anything we can look forward to this year from Violets Are Blue?

VRB: Yes!! We will be launching two new products this year which I am really excited about. A stick deodorant and a hyaluronic acid serum. We are in the testing phase now which is so fun! I love this phase as it brings me back to why I started all of this. It was about finding the right, healthy ingredients and creating the perfect formula. I love it!

On June 3rd, Cynthia will be our guest speaker for our Foundation4Love event held in Kennebunk at Toroso Restaurant. We are honored and truly excited to have her be our guest and to meet our beautiful, Maine community. Visit us here to purchase your ticket today!!!!

Thank you, Cynthia!!!