Join us: Be part of a Wellness Tribe

2017 started......we are now mid way through February.  Remember all those resolutions and goals you set for yourself?  What were some of those goals?  Did you say you wanted to be healthier?  You wanted to incorporate juicing into your diet?  More Yoga?  Live an inspired life? Tap into your spiritual self?  Look at the world more optimistically? 

Join us: March 18th for the Day of Wellness Boston.  

The mission of Day of Wellness Boston is to look at wellness from a 360-degree viewpoint. From what we put ON our bodies to what we put IN our bodies to how we feed our minds and spirits.  Each breakout session & panel is designed to give you accessible & actionable steps to take back to your life. We all want to live our healthiest, best life and the Day of W.E.L.L.ness will set the foundation.

Leah and I are excited to have a Breakout session to talk about living an inspired life!  Join us as we explore what an inspired life looks like to you? Although still working day jobs, Sarah and Leah are working towards building a trusted brand of wellness, being a place of education and giving back to the community. Come hear about their journey as they transition from full time jobs, identify what truly inspires them, how to hold onto that inspiration, and create a community that inspires others as they build a business.

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