7 Self Care Ideas

Not sure about you but after the last 24 hours I am needing some major self care and ideas to de-stress!  Here are a few I thought I would share!  

7 Self Care Ideas

1.  Take a bath with your favorite bath salts.  

2.  Find a rich and lush lotion that feeds you skin and lifts you mood.  Our favorites include Violets are Blue Body Cream, it is luxurious and has the most amazing scent!  Another favorite is a body butter called Stress Less by Organic Bath.  It is nourishing and the scent relaxes me before bed. 

3.  Pour a hot cup of tea--if you haven't tried Rishi's Turmeric Ginger you are missing out on some true self care both inside and out. 

4.  Curl up to a book that calms your mind or makes you laugh!  Suggested Read:  Where in the Om Am I? 

5.  Get your nails done?  I am not sure about you but I always feel so good when I look down at my hands and have a pretty manicure or pedicure.  Many spa's are now using cleaner, non-toxic polishes but you can always bring your own---our favorite shades include Cobweb Hen and Red head Cactus.

6.  Put on your favorite song and sing and dance around the room!  I promise you might feel silly buy you will be smiling! 

7.  Light your favorite candle and relax to  some Peace and Quiet