4 Skincare routine changes that have real impact

Skin care can feel like such a pain in the you know what sometimes!  There are days it just feels like an extra step that I am just two tired, or busy or even lazy to do!  But in the long run being diligent with your skin care DOES pay off!  So take that extra step, the extra 2 minutes and you won't be sad you did! 

Do you Sometimes Sleep In Your Make-Up?

After a busy day running around after two toddlers, getting them to bed and then cleaning up the house late into the night the LAST thing I want to do some nights is clean my face.  I just want to go to bed!!!!  BUT stop---go to the bathroom and remove your make up and moisturize before bed.  Wearing make up can clog pores and lead to dull skin and even blemishes!  My nighttime skincare includes Rice Bran Cleansing Oil from Organic Bath.  I love massaging this oil into my skin and taking a nice warm cloth to clean off all the dirt and grim off my skin.  My night time regimen follows with Indie Lee's COQ10 toner and Violets are Blue Serum.  I love my skin after this night time routine!  

Are you exercising regularly?

Umm, are you thinking Exercise, really???   And I know.....I know!  This is a hard one for me too!  But a good sweat session is so good for so many things, including your pores! Your skin is the largest organ for detoxification, and sweating helps regulate body temperature and helps eliminate toxins.  Also, blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin, keeping it nourished.  Exercise also helps reduce stress, and stress can have negative affects on your skin.  What you do what to do it make sure you are cleansing your skin after your workout.  

Are you using an SPF every day?

Protecting our skin from the sun is HUGELY important!  It is a MUST for everyone's daily routine!  It doesn't matter if it is overcast, or snowing you should always still wear a Even broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15 or higher. The sun exposure is by far the biggest factor of skin aging. You can help prevent sun damage to your skin in the form of sun spots, fine lines, and sagging skin. The easiest way is to always wear SPF and try to use a daily moisturizer or BB cream with sun protection included in it. Just apply after cleansing in the morning and you’re good to go!  Josh Rosebrook offers an EXCELLENT Nutrient Day Cream or a Tinted Version, both SPF 30.  


Are You Exfoliating?

Find a time each week when you can put on your favorite exfoliator!  For me it is my friday morning routine as I do my laundry.  Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells on the surface of your skin--it just makes everything better!  Try to exfoliate at least once a week--some suggested favorites are Violets are Blue Facial Scrub, Josh Rosebrook's Enzyme Exfoliator or Meow Meow Tweet's Facial Scrub.   Make sure you avoid exfoliating too often or with a product that uses ingredients that will harm your skin.