4 Easy Tips---Happy Earth Day

Here are a few ways you can implement some easy steps to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!  Happy Earth Day!

1.  Go Plastic Free:  

Many towns like ours have gone Plastic Free!  No more plastic bags at CVS, the grocery store or hardware store.  A great alternative are BAGGU Bags, sturdy, super fun colors and prints, and you can fit up to 3 bags worth of the plastic bag contents in 1 Baggu!

2.  Give up meat one day a week

Have you implemented a Meat Free Day into your week?  There is a great website called Meat Free Mondays which talks about the benefits to our earth---did you know it takes 12 KG of Grain to produce just 1 KG of beef?

3.  Kids Recycling Project

My kids are 2 and 3 and I am always looking for fun projects to keep them busy, learning, engaged and feeling creative.  One of my favorite bloggers in @Harlemlovebirds.  She is always sharing something creative or new!  Check out this post from Facebook, and follow her blog for other fun ideas, products and activities! With so many boxes and orders coming in for SaltyGirl I could make a kids City with used boxes!  Thanks for the fun idea!   

4. Shop Local

On May 6th the Kennebunk Farmers Market starts back up!  As a family we love walking into town, grabbing coffee at the local coffee shop and then walking over to the farmers market to get locally grown veggies for the week, fresh bread and locally raised meat! To find a local farmers market near you, search Local Harvest

SaltyGirl Boutique also promotes several local producers and artists.  We recently started carrying cards from artist Holly Ross of FishHouse Designs; and Candles, Cards and more from Steady Light Candle Co (Formerly Vessel & Co), Jewelry from both Becoming Jewelry and Ropes of Maine.