• | Sarah Kelly

    4 Easy Tips---Happy Earth Day

    Here are a few ways you can implement some easy steps to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!  Happy Earth Day! 1.  Go Plastic Free:   Many towns like ours have gone Plastic Free!  No more plastic bags at CVS, the grocery store or hardware store.  A great alternative are BAGGU Bags, sturdy, super fun col... View Post
  • | Leah Robert

    5 Reasons why Facial Toners are a MUST and Why We Love Soapwalla's!!

    What is all this hype about behind facial toners? Let me tell you the reason WHY facial toners can help prep your skin and the importance of applying it after your cleanser, but before your moisturizer. After this brutal winter what is your skin screaming for .... hydration? Balancing? Or maybe y... View Post
  • | Leah Robert

    Conversations with Cynthia Besteman, Founder of Violets are Blue

    Violets Are Blue is a brand that not only has an array of choices from clean skincare to bodycare products, but most importantly each product is made and packaged with an abundant amount of love from founder, Cynthia Besteman. Have you met her? Well, if you haven't, venture to NYC and look for a ... View Post