• | Sarah Kelly

    Getting ready for Summer Weekends

    Memorial Day weekend is always the kick off to the summer season.  Here up in Maine we look forward to this weekend ALL year long!  Summer time means cookouts, long weekends away, sun, more family time, more friend time, cocktails, sun, BEACH, patio's, long walks, hiking, warm weather.....did I s... View Post
  • | Sarah Kelly

    Who are your favorite Bloggers??

    There are so many amazing bloggers, magazines and influencers out there these days.  Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite bloggers!  (although there are so many) Amanda Light and owner of the Prim and Propah Blog.  She is a yoga loving momma and keeps shit real!  I love love love th... View Post
  • | Leah Robert

    Sleeping Beauty Queen

    Lets be honest, when a woman says "I need my beauty sleep" what she really means is "I want a god damn good sleep!!!!" Your ritual before going to bed is actually more important than you think and you're actually shortchanging your health if you haven't adopted specific bedtime habits that allow ... View Post